Hello and Welcome to Infinite Eats!

This wiki is my response to the never-ending barrage of delicious recipes that cross my computer screen. I wanted a better way to organize my online recipes, along with a select few from books that I use regularly or that are requested from me.

Feel free to peruse and use whatever you like. Click here to go to the cookbook Table of Contents. You can also find recipes by ingredients or cuisine (as applicable) by clicking the appropriate tag in the menu bar to the right. To see the full list of tags, just click any one of them. The larger the tag word, the more recipes are tagged with that ingredient.

Though this site is created primarily for my use (and is organized accordingly), suggestions and feedback are nevertheless welcome. You can send me a message using the Contact Page, which is also linked in the sidebar, or you can find me on Facebook.


Robyn M-K

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