My name is Robyn Miessler-Kubanek, and like so many people, I love to eat. It's a visceral activity that reaches into our very center and helps us know we're alive. It activates all the senses, particularly if you're someone who eats with her fingers on a regular basis, like me. In so many ways, and on so many levels, eating can make us feel well and whole.

Though I would prefer to eat out every day, sampling the best of the world's culinary delights with a different cuisine every night, it is (most unfortunately) not practical to do so. Neither our checkbook nor my waistline would tolerate it, even though my dishwasher would have far less work. Ah, mi. Therefore, I must cook, and cook often. While we have some fallback staples that will hold us over on days without a plan, when I do have the time and energy, I love to make real food.

My husband and I love Indian, Greek, and Thai food especially, and oh the internet! Great googly moogly, the internet makes it possible to look up almost anything these days (except that fabulous Pakistani dish we had once and cannot find anywhere, drat it). But keeping track of all the recipes I want to try… well, that's turned out to be far more challenging.

Thus, this wiki. This will be my repository of online recipes both tried (and worth repeating) and untried. Also to be found here will be recipes that we use all the time, and ones that people have requested.

Sometimes a recipe may end up just being a link to another site, kept here for ease of finding it without having to keep 100 bookmarks on my computer (and then wondering if the bookmark is on my tablet or on my laptop). Most often, though, I hope to have the actual recipe on the page if it's one that we like and plan to use a lot, if for no other reason than the original link might break someday.

So that's the purpose of this wiki for now. Who knows? Maybe it'll become more in the future. For now, though, this seems like a good place to start.

Cheers, and good eating!

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