Dal Makhani

Created 30 Oct 2012 15:17, Updated 19 Jan 2013 16:02

I first tried this from Exotic India in Coralville, and it was magnificent. As I told David, how can you go wrong with that much butter and cream? However, since we are both lactose intolerant, I will make it vegan with olive oil and coconut milk when I get around to trying it. Here is the recipe I will try first.

Dal Makhani from Chef In You

This recipe was good, but didn't seem to keep well. I ended up not eating a whole lot of it, because it got… weird, pretty quickly. I will try again, though. I need to get dal makhani next time we go to an Indian recipe, and freeze it in smallish portions, so I have some on hand to compare my homemade stuff to.

Dal Makhani from food.com is the next recipe I will try.

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